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LACHSA Alumni Hall of Fame
Fund Arts Now is a FAN of the Los Angeles County High School for Arts (LACHSA)!
Fund Arts Now is a parent driven 501(c)3 supporting the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). LACHSA is the west coast "Fame" school. For more than 25 years, this very special public arts high school has served talented teens from more than 80 school districts.

LACHSA's arts curriculum is staffed by arts professionals and their devotion to the students is unsurpassed. The students are given an arts education that few would otherwise have the opportunity to acquire and they literally go the extra mile to attend this school...many make long commutes on buses and trains, others have relocated to Los Angeles with a parent, and ALL put in school hours far beyond any regular high school requirement. These are dedicated, passionate young people and their efforts are worthy of being supported.

In addition to an amazing arts and academic education, LACHSA also provides a four year oasis of non-judgment that further nurtures both their artistic and developmental growth. LACHSA is a school of shared aspirations and dreams with an environment of acceptance for differences and individual expression.

Los Angeles is the "Entertainment Capital of the World" and one would think that the support of arts education would reflect our global status in the field, but unfortunately this is not the case. Public arts high schools need private donations and grants in order to provide their additional arts education. LACHSA is no exception, but out of the major public arts high schools in the country, LACHSA is often the most poorly funded.

*Major US Public Arts High Schools per year contributions
(with arts programs supported by private donations and grants)

The charitable organization, Funds Arts Now, was established in hope of changing these numbers.

We appeal to industry corporations and professionals, patrons of the arts, parents, and people who support arts education to help us provide the funding needed for this very special arts education program.

We thank you for your consideration,

Fund Arts Now



* Public data extracted from 2012 filings of form 990 with the IRS.
** New York's, LaGuardia High School for Music & Art, receives their funding from the state.
***Orange County High School for the Arts is a charter school and raised over $17 million for the same year referenced above.