Fund Arts Now
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LACHSA Alumni Hall of Fame
Fund Arts Now is a FAN of the Los Angeles County High School for Arts (LACHSA)!

Fund Arts Now serves as LACHSA's 501c3 for parent-driven department specific support and is the fiscal receiver for LACHSA Parent Council.

Unlike typical high schools, after morning academic classes are over, LACHSA separates into six departments for arts studies. Each department has very individual and specific needs, many of which arrive unexpectedly after the annual budget is being created. Fund Arts Now was created to solve this dilemma and provide quick, accessible funds for the departments.

Fund Arts Now provides support for for things such as:

  • Last minute costumes, props, equipment, and sets for shows
  • Special department specific master classes
  • Attendance to festivals
  • Field trip opportunities
  • Quick repair of musical instruments and cinematic arts equipment
  • Extra rehearsals
  • Last minute truck rentals when the school is fortunate enough to receive large donations that need transportation
  • Awards for students
  • Expenses for teachers to attend award ceremonies and special conventions

Fund Arts Now serves as the parent's avenue to provide support directly to their department's Arts Chair. When the Arts Chair says they "need it Now", the parents can make it so!.

All funding raised for departments through Fund Arts Now is placed under the control of the Arts Chair.

Fund Arts Now provides LACHSA parents the opportunity to actively support their child's education with volunteering, direct to Arts Chair tax-deductible donations, and innovative department fundraising. Each department has volunteer teams that provide support for their Arts Chair through unique fundraisers that are often so fun that families from all departments attend!.

Fund Arts Now engages, encourages, and empowers LACHSA parents to get involved in the success of their child's education. There's a reason we call ourselves LACHSA FANs! We share a common goal: we want our children to have an amazing experience during their time at LACHSA. It's a gift that will last a life time, a very special four years of magnificent arts education surrounded by a creative community. LACHSA is more than just a school, we're a family that works together to ensure the continuation of this wonderful legacy.